Hi! I'm Marcus.

I'd like to say I think I'm fun guy with an adaptable personality and constantly thinking of new fun and innovative ideas for photography and video. 

My focus is to capture the objective of an assignment in the most technical, creative and aesthetically pleasing way possible. You never have to work a day in your life so long as you're doing what you love most; which for me is taking great photos and thinking of awesome ideas for any video assignment that comes my way. It's been 10 years studying and shooting photo and video, the love is palpable & somehow, I always find a way to stay inspired!

If you have a business and you would like to expand your market with some new digital and print media, please contact me! School was a really huge tool in forming my photographic knowledge that has brought me great success in the field and that schooling was from Art Center Alumni who take photography very seriously. I am commercially geared and inspired, I would love to shoot photography or a promotional video for your company. I always say; "If you take your business seriously, work with people who takes their work seriously."