Photographing your property during the day light! If there are no clouds, I'll make sure there are some beautiful puffy clouds! If it's an overcast day, I'll still make sure there's some nice clouds and blue skies with the magic of editing. Perhaps maybe you want something a little bit more dramatic to showcase your property? Nothing like a twilight photoshoot booked at the perfect time after sunset to really make a stunning impression on your clients and prospective buyers.
If a sweet video walk through is something you are looking for with some music to elegantly play as we gently guide your clients through their new homes; we can make some great work to best exhibit your properties best assets combining DSLR and aerial videography.
The sky is the limit! ...Literally! Ask me how I can help you with your aerial images! Sometimes ground level shots won't quite cut it.
Have you ever wanted to send your clients on a virtual journey to your properties? Look no further, utilizing Matterport technology, I can make those dreams a reality.
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